Synbiont ULTIMATE Multi-purpose Cleaner

Synbiont ULTIMATE Multi-Purpose Cleaner offers a safe alternative to toxic cleaners

Synbiont ULTIMATE Multi-Purpose Cleaner can clean any surface in your home, office or business. 

Synbiont chemistry is a super soap that cleans away harmful pathogens and is an environmentally friendly alternative to bleach and chlorine.

It is food-grade safe and can be used on or around perishable foods.

It is approved by Veterinarians and can be used freely around your pets without toxic concerns.  Pet owners are finding multiple uses for this flexible product. 

Stray bottle conveniently stores under any sink and ready to go when you need it. No pre-mixing or gloves need - just grab, spray and wipe clean.

Active ingredients:  Blend of alkyl sulfonate and an alkyl sulfate


Ultimate RTU




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